Snapshot and VTL backup for a Greek private bank

A bank's IT infrastructure is one of the most dynamic and critical envorinments. Continuous Constant operation of all systems is required at all times and under any circumstances, while strict data security and protection rules and standards must apply.

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Unified Storage for Shipping Company

Operating a fleet of transport ships constently scattered around the world under any circumstances and requirements, calls for a well organized and impeccably run central IT infrastructure, capable of securely supporting the fleet communication and management on a 24-hour base.

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Data Replication for pharmaceutical company

The customer had already invested in a heterogenous SAN storage environment of different vendors’ equipment (IBM, EMC, HP) and wanted to build a robust Disaster Recovery Plan. The plan required the online bi-directional replication of critical data between the customer's headquarters in Attica and their factory in Thrace.

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