Ever since IVIS was established, we have been dedicated to providing solutions, not products. This choice is the basis of our success, and is even more important in the current financially harsh environment. We build our solutions by carefully analyzing the customer's needs, considering each customer as unique and focusing in their real problems, and as a result we provide them with a modern, easily manageable stable solution which will fulfill their needs for a long time.

Our professional solution fields are:

Data Storage Solutions

Our main field of business relates to SAN, NASUnified or Hybrid storage. After all, data, is a company's second most important asset after its staff. For more than 12 years, we design, provide and deploy fast, reliable and secure SAN & NAS infrastructure, storage gateways, data replication systems and storage clouds for medium-sized and large organizations. The company is recognized today as "The Data Storage Expert" in the Greek market.

Our storage equipment by IBM, NetApp, Falconstor and other vendors combinedwith our experience and know-how can address any organization's needs for running databases, messaging, collaboration applications, business intelligence systems, or storing large scale videos, multimedia and user files.

IVIS analyzes the present and projected needs of the company in cooperation with the customer and proposes the most suitable documented solution for each environment, a solution which will support the customer's business operation for several years at the lowest possible overall cost. A proper storage solution will save money and add value to the enterprise, while a poor solution will quickly bring additional costs and render the IT infrastructure weak to support the business needs.

In addition to designing and deploying a solution, IVIS offers a complete range of maintenance and support services, from hardware support to regular inspections and health checks.

Data Protection & Backup

Protecting the company’s data from any physical, logical or human damage is an IT department's most important duty. We design and provide solutions to reliably and effectively keep data backups protected and secure at various levels ranging from online snapshots to backup-to-disks, backup to tapes or continuous data protection solutions.

IVIS is a partner of IBM, Falconstor and other backup software vendors in order to provide integrated backup solutions, whether it is a traditional tape backup version or a modern Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solution.

We specialize in VTL solutions, which address the needs for increased data volumes and shrinking backup windows. VTLs integrate easily in existing environments and appear as normal tape libraries, but they actually use disks to store the backups achieving unprecedented backup and restore speeds of up to 46 TB/hour. Our VTL solutions are equipped with advanced deduplication (typically saving space up to 25:1), physical tape creation and replication capabilities.

In addition to complete VTL systems, IVIS deploys Falconstor enterprise-class VTL software solutions. Falconstor software is installed on existing servers with ample local or SAN storage and converts them to fully functional VTL systems.

Virtualization Solutions

Our server, desktop and storage virtualization solutions provide an effective means to group isolated data center resources in manageable entities, saving operational expenses, minimizing upgrades and purchases and providing high availability and resiliency to failures.

IVIS is a VMware and Microsoft partner. We have been designing and deploying virtualization and cloud solutions for medium and large organizations for several years. We use various well recognized tools to carry out a pre-assessment for any virtualization project and to be in position to predict the project cost as closely as possible, including hardware, software, licenses, and even operational costs.

Our solutions address all 3 separate virtualization needs in an organization:

  • Server Virtualization, to transform a multi-server infrastructure to a dense environment with few physical servers hosting multiple virtual servers, reducing hardware and upgrade costs, management and operational overhead and improving availability and security.
  • Desktop Virtualization, to move user desktops from client computers to the data center, replacing client computers with thin clients, reducing hardware and operational costs, improving security and protection.
  • Storage Virtualization, moving all different disk systems and types behind one storage resource to move data from system to system transparently and greatly improve performance by automatic tiering as data are moved in real-time between systems and disk types.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

For several years IVIS has been  designing and deploying Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions for medium and large-sized organizations, ensuring that critical IT services continue to operate after small or large calamities. Our DR solutions form the basis of robust business continuance plans and enable organizations to be in line with international standards and norms related to IT operation.

Each DR solution is unique, tailored for each customer. The total cost depends on the existing situation and the required objectives, mainly the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and the RPO (Recovery Point Objective). IVIS collaborates with the customer in order to propose a solution with the minimum possible deployment and operational cost. Our long experience in the field of DR and our mentality regarding data availability and well designed solutions can help in all phases of this critical project such as taking inventory,risk assessment, determining the DRP objectives, designing a solution to setting equipment specifications, provisioning, deployment, and providing support and maintenance.

If you already have a working DR solution in place and are concerned about its effective performance in case of a disaster, we undertake detailed inspection and testing and propose improvements in order to make the solution stronger, adherent to IT standards or to just minimize the operational costs.

Our DR Solutions include a DR Plan (DRP), a series of documents that describe the procedures and tasks for any kind of disaster. This document is a result of close cooperation between IVIS and the parties involved: the customer, their external consultants and service providers. All DR Solutions also include staff training, and clear procedures on how the solution is maintained, kept up-to-date, regularly tested and improved.