Storage as a Service

Some enterprises choose not to invest in purchasing a storage system or do not want to employ technical staff to maintain and administer the storage infrastructure. To address such business needs, IVIS offers Storage-As-A-Service solutions. IVIS owns a range of available enterprise storage systems with interconnection equipment and cooperates with data centers in Athens and other cities in Greece. Storage is provided by IVIS as a utility service under an SLA contract. Charges depend on the duration of the service, the capacity and other technical and business parameters, like the availability level required, our response time to additional capacity requests (storage-on-demand) and whether we are also involved in managing servers and applications. The service operation is monitored continuously on a 24x7 basis.

In other cases, an IT department may require temporary mid- or high-end storage capacity to ensure operation of critical staging systems for a few days, weeks or months. Such needs may arise from transitional projects, which must be completed with minimum risk, such as relocating a data center or full level testing or large scale hardware of software upgrades. During these projects it is necessary not to touch the productive systems. A copy of the complete environment to a new location is required for fall-back reasons, or simply to keep a backup copy of data on a separate storage system (staging storage), ready to be put in operation if needed during the project. The problem is that such projects are limited in time and cannot justify purchasing a new storage system or new additional capacity which at the end of the project will not be needed anymore.

To address such needs, IVIS can provide the full storage infrastructure on a time leasing basis for a short or longer period. The infrastructure includes high performance and availability SAN systems with the required capacity in TB, as well as the required interconnection equipment (Fiber & Ethernet switches, server-side HBA's, management consoles etc.). The installation and configuration of the equipment is carried out by our personnel, very experienced insimilar large-scale critical storage projects. Another team of engineers supports the provided equipment around the clock against any malfunction.

We recognize the complexity of using temporary transitional storage for critical applications, so our services include consultation and close cooperation with the customer in order to reach a successful project completion.