SAN Inspection Services

IVIS offers a series of services  for new or older SAN, storage and backup installations of any brand, in order to inspect and improve the installation. These services can be carried out ad hoc, or can be performed regularly for a period of time.

Our services include:

  • Health checks, inventory and configuration improvements of SAN and NAS storage and backup systems, end-to-end
  • SAN performance measurements, benchmarks and tests to pin down bottlenecks and suggest improvements
  • Security checks throughout a SAN, auditing, penetration tests, assessing and improving security of storage systems and the SAN, encryption solutions
  • Server checks (Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Linux) related to their connections to the SAN, capacity utilization and backup procedures
  • SAN and NAS solution design, improvement proposals, financial analysis, purchase and support cost predictions, suggestions to improve usability and lower costs
  • Backup end-to-end infrastructure auditing, tuning and proposals to improve backup times and procedures
  • Backup policy preparation and improvements, based on specific needs and requirements and according to international standards and rules
  • Installation, configuration of IBM & NetApp systems and SAN equipment (switches, HBA's etc.), inventory of current state, automatic alerts setting, documentation and training

All our services are carried out in close cooperation with the customer, after agreeing on the steps and the procedures to follow, the deliverables and the desired outcome. All necessary work is performed by a team of engineers experienced  in critical SAN and backup installationsWhen the project is completed, full documentation is submitted along with specific proposals to improve the existing infrastructure and its operation.