SAN & Backup maintenance and support

The value of a solution  is equivalent to the quality of its support. IVISoffers a range of support and maintenance services for SAN infrastructures, including storage and backup systems, optionally combined with specialized services, such as precautionary  (preventive ?)inspections and outsourcing plans for organizations to cut their investement costs.

IVIS has been providing solid data storage & data protection solutions for more than 12 years. The company holds a high expertise and experience for the most demanding SAN, NAS and IP-SAN solutions in critical physical or virtual environments. We are proficient in current technologies, including storage virtualization, thin provisioning, data deduplication, backup to disk and SAN encryption. Being a certified partner of several storage vendors, we can provide consultation on the most suitable and cost-effective data storage or protection solution or discuss support plans to cover your specific needs, no matter which storage brand you have in place or decide to purchase.

We recognize the importance of storage related projects and how critical this part of your infrastructure is for the whole business operation. We always start by analyzing your needs and priorities and then move to providing implementation and project management services for the migration project to a new storage solution. We can optionally cover training, documenting, as well as management and support of the storage environment.

IVIS employs certified engineers with vast experience in storage systems and maintains its own spare parts stock. The company is thus in position to undertake the support and maintenance of existing IBM and NetApp storage installations under SLA agreements throughout Greece, independently or  in addition to the ones provided by the vendor, offering usually much better response and repair times for hardware problems.

We have several support plans that cover specific requirements for equipment malfunction, starting from next business day down to 2 hours guaranteed repair times, depending on your needs and system criticality. All our services are provided around the clock, either through online diagnosis and operation restore or with our engineers' on-site presence at the customers’ premises.