Leasing & Refurbished Storage

As a result of  our long engagement with storage systems, backup systems and SAN equipment and of having enduring  relationships with many customers of different needs, IVIS is in a position to offer alternative storage and backup solutions that minimize the investment cost. Naturally these alternative solutions are more limited in options than our regular solutions, nevertheless they have been optimized over time and are offered bundled with our support in order to provide a reliable choice for our customers, particularly in today's harsh financial environment..

Our services include::

Storage and SAN equipment provision under leasing
By leasing, the customer can limit purchases and investments in assets, the equipment can be repaid over a longer period of time and the company financials are usually managed in a more effective way. The equipment is not included in the company assets, and appears under operational expenses. At the end of the pre-agreed period (usually 2, 3 or more years), the equipment ownership is either formally transferred to the customer at a low devaluated cost, or is returned back to IVIS. Throughout the leasing period the equipment is fully supported.
Selected refurbished storage and SAN equipment
Refurbished systems and equipment, usually 2 or 3 years old systems returned to IVIS by our customers due to upgrades, can be an attractive alternative option. This option is mostly suitable for upgrades or add-ons to old systems, as well as in cases where equipment is required for secondary needs under a very limited budget. Such examples are systems for tests and secondary applications. Through our existing cooperation with companies worldwide we can also investigate the market for suitable systems that will cover a customer's requirements at a minimum cost. We have evaluated the existing resources and selected the best refurbished system suppliers in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Refurbished equipment is always under our warranty for parts and labor.

For each alternative solution IVIS will explain your options, detailing the corresponding cost and available support plans to provide a full functional solution for the customer’s needs at the lowest possible cost.