A solution’s value is determined by the quality of its services.

This is something we know very well in IVIS. We constantly try to improve our services following a quality control system which oversees each project in all its phases from customer acceptance to successful completion.

Our services address needs around data management and protection. Based on our experience we have developed a range of unique services for specific needs, such as providing storage for a short period of time in order to cover one-time projects, or inspecting an existing data storage infrastructure of any brand.

Our personnel is trained and certified for each task we undertake and all engineers and consultants have many years of experience in their field. Since its establishment IVIS is dedicated to data storage, management and protection and continues to invest in new technologies and know-how.

Our services include:

Storage & Backup Maintenance and Support
We support and maintain existing new or old SAN or NAS installations that run under various programs and are built for any need. Our support services include regular checks, hardware parts replacement, as well as system administration for  the customer.
SAN Inspection Services
IVIS can inspect and certify the SAN and backup procedure operation for existing installations of any brand. Our services include end-to-end health checks, performance measurements, customization, and security checks with penetration tests.
Storage As A Service
Choosing to use "Storage As A Service" requires no initial investment. Storage is supplied and paid for monthly as a common utility service, and the provided capacity can be increased on-demand following current needs. At the same time, IVIS can supply a full SAN storage solution, either high-end of mid-end on a daily or weekly basis to cover temporary staging needs in storage.
Disaster Recovery Services
IVIS builds full-scale or partial Disaster Recovery Plans in cooperation with the customer. We also undertake the full management of such plans, including updates, training and regular tests. Finally, we provide full outsourced DRP solutions, in which all the secondary equipment is provided as a service by IVIS in our data center. IVIS has the full operation and responsibility of the equipment and IT operation recovery in case of a disaster.
Leasing & Refurbished Storage
All of our data storage and backup systems can be provided under leasing plans in order  to decrease the cost of an organization's assets in favor of operational expenses. At the end of the pre-agreed period the equipment ownership is either transferred to the customer or returned back to us. Moreover, to minimize investment costs, we supply refurbished 2 or 3 years old storage systems fully supported by IVIS.

All our services are certified per ISO 9001:2008 standards.