Quality policy

Ivis Info considers the quality of services it provides to be of very high importance. Therefore, the company has developed and adheres to a quality management system for trading and services in information technology and telecommunications as described below.

The company's scope and policy include:

  • Accomplishing efficient and reliable information technology solutions
  • Generating considerable revenue and differentiation, by providing enhanced and innovative services
  • Following closely technology developments in equipment and know-how matters, which gives rise to ongoing staff training.
  • Maintaining a very good and close relationship with the customers
  • Achieving the above with professionalism and productivity.

TÜV Rheinland logoIn order to fulfill those objectives, the company implements ISO 9001:2008 procedure,certified by TÜV Rheinland Group, committing to the following regulations:

  1. The quality policy should always be up to date and appropriate for achieving the company scope.
  2. The quality system should always abide to the current demands of the relevant standards, and the company should ensure the continuous improvement of its efficiency and effective use, always striving for ongoing improvement of the company's performance

In order to accomplish those targets and within the methods of the systems used

  • The company has established and implements regular reviews of the quality scope
  • The quality policy is identified and comprehended within the company
  • The policy and scope are constantly assessed and redefined
  • The reliability and satisfaction of all partners (providers, clients, employees) are continuously monitored.