New high-end storage N7950T by IBM

August 2011

IBM announced its new N7950T high-end storage system. Following the N-Series line, it is a Unified Storage system (SAN, NAS, IP-SAN) based on NetApp's Data Ontap O/S. The N7950T model will be available in September 2011 and will replace the older N7700 and N7900 models. It is IBM's most robust Unified Storage to date and is suitable for data centers with numerous demanding SAN, NAS and IP-SAN needs. The system natively supports advanced technologies such as snapshots, deduplication, thin provisioning and has a cache memory of 200GB expandable to 16TB. Disk types supported are SAS, FC, SATA and SSD up to a total capacity of 4320 ΤΒ.

More information on IBM N-Series Storage

Data Replication for a pharmaceuticals company

June 2011

A large Greek pharmaceuticals company develops its DR implementation with IVIS. The company had already heterogeneous IBM, EMC and HP storage systems installed in two sites about 800 kilometers apart, and it was crucial to replicate data automatically between sites and systems.

IVIS proposed and installed IBM gateways and appropriate software for SAP, MS Exchange, MS SQL and other critical applications. As a result data are synchronized over an IP network and are always application-valid.

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Protecting sensitive data for a Greek public organization

April 2011

IVIS successfully completes the project of protecting sensitive data for a Large Greek organization that manages patents and intellectual property in cooperation with sister European organizations.

During the project implementation it was important for the data to be continuously available and protected, and at the same time following the critical and legally sensitive nature of the data.

Creating a Disaster Recovery plan for a shipping company

February 2011

Large shipping company implements its DR plan with IVIS using NetApp and IBM systems. The company manages many TB's of data of critical applications such as MS Exchange, MS SQL, Danaos, user files and other information which must be available at all times to users in the company's headquarters, its branches worldwide and its fleet of over 100 ships. The solution includes deduplication for saving bandwidth to the DR site.